FAQs about Abundant Joy CWM


Women visit with a variety of issues




Isolation and loneliness


Marital issues


Pregnancy loss

Desire to know the Bible

Transition difficulties


Losses - employment, relationships, or trust


Faith struggles

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Groups are now open for registration. Sign up early as all groups are limited in size to promote comfort and safe sharing. 

Upcoming Volunteer Training

Basic Peer Counseling Training - Do you have a heart for struggling women, love Jesus, and have been told you are a good listener? Contact us for more information about training for peer counseling volunteers and group facilitators.

FAQs about Abundant Joy CWM

How do I schedule an appointment to talk with a peer counseling volunteer?

Our matching process begins with a welcome interview with a member of our client services team to tour the center and complete the paperwork so that we can make a good peer counseling volunteer (CV) match for you,  Call us (919)943-0789 or email abundantjoycwm@gmail.com to schedule an appointment.

How long do counseling sessions usually last?

Each meeting usually lasts one hour. When you are matched with a volunteer, she commits to meet with you for 6 to 12 sessions, depending on your needs and preferences.

Is there a charge when I talk with a volunteer?

No, our services are free of charge. When attending a group, there is a small donation request to cover the cost of the book or materials. Scholarships are available.

Are there other centers like Abundant Joy CWM?

Yes, we are a part of International CWM, a ministry started in 1989 in Bloomington, Indiana. Over 30 centers  - in the US and in several other countries - are under their direction. You may search for other centers at their website - www.cwmhope.org.

Who developed your training curriculum?

Staff at our headquarters in Bloomington, Indiana developed our Basic Peer Counseling Training (BPCT) curriculum with the help of professionals in the Christian counseling arena. Our BPCT is recommended by the American Association of Christian Counselors

Is Abundant Joy CWM a Christian organization?

Yes, Abundant Joy CWM is a Christian 501(c)3 nonprofit ministry. We are interdenominational focusing on the essentials of the Gospel, and have volunteers from over 11 different churches in the Durham/Chapel Hill, NC area.